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Already have an account? Log in. Event Saved. Your message has been sent! The new fragmented sovereignties that arise from the breakdown of nation states will cater to different tastes, just as hotels and restaurants do, enforcing specific regulations within their areas that appeal to the market segments they want customers from. In the Information Age, only cities that repay their upkeep with a high quality of life will stay viable.

A good marker for the viability of a city will be whether those living at the core of it are richer than those living at the periphery. Inexpensive governments with low costs of doing business will attract the new companies in the information age. The high cost governance of North America and Western Europe will drive out companies that need to compete. Industrial era employees who held good jobs but did little will find themselves bidding for contracts in the market. No more jobs for life, or the company that takes care of you.

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They have no expectation of being employed forever. Memorization as a skill will become useless, but the value of quickly learning will increase. Changes in economic organization as discussed already. A rapid falloff of organizations that operate within rather than beyond geographic boundaries. Wider recognition that the nation state is obsolete, leading to widespread secession movements in many parts of the globe.

A decline in the status and power of traditional elites, as well as a decline in the respect for the symbols of the nation stateAn intense and even violent nationalist reaction among those who lose status, income, and power when the ordinary life is disrupted by political devolution and new market arrangements, including:Suspicion of and opposition to globalization, free trade, foreign ownership and penetration of local economiesHostility to immigration, especially of groups that are visibly different from the former national groupPopular hatred of the information elite, rich people, the well-educated, and complaints about capital flight and disappearing jobsExtreme measures by nationalists intent upon halting the secession of individuals and regions from faltering nation-states, including resorts to war and ethnic cleansings.

Since the new technologies will allow sovereign individuals to leave nation states and stop supporting freeloaders, there will be a neo-luddite attack against them. As it becomes easier to live comfortably and earn a high income anywhere, the pull to choose where to live based on price savings will be more appealing.

The information aristocracy will be extremely mobile, able to earn a living in any jurisdiction they find themselves in, just as popular novelists have always been able to do. The boundaries between nations are not natural: No one could tell the difference between an American, Canadian, and Sudanese after a plane crash. There will be a big advantage to being multilingual and cosmopolitan in the Information Age, and if you want to take full advantage of the freedom of mobility, you should stake out a welcome mat in multiple places beyond the one you were born in.

It will all be specially tailored for us. Education : First, it was controlled by the Church. Then, it was controlled by the state. Now, it will be controlled and improved by technology, and it will be personalized and individualized based on the student. The US is one of the few nations that charges taxes based on citizenship, not residence.

Business in the future will be most expensive for Americans who will be paying the same taxes no matter where in the world they go. Their lifetime tax burden would be lower in as a citizen of any of more than other jurisdictions in the world.

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Unless the US changes its tax laws, enterprising individuals will likely renounce their citizenship in the future in pursuit of a better form of governance. People will react much more violently to technologies that replace specific jobs, as opposed to technologies that allow for new kinds of work or production. New memberships and communities will arise that transcend borders, similar to the guilds of old, where you can be part of one no matter where you are in the world and it will afford you certain privileges in the cybereconomy.

People will choose their jurisdictions the same way they today choose their insurance carriers or religions. Jurisdictions that fail to provide a suitable mix of services will face bankruptcy and liquidation, like an incompetent business. Cheap and widely dispersed weaponry. Weapons that can be used effectively by amateurs. A military advantage for a large number of participants on foot in battle. Geographic representative democracy only makes sense in a pre-information age world. Any other arbitrary breakdown would make as much, or more, sense, such as birthdays.

The technology of the information age will give rise to new forms of governance, just as the agricultural and industrial ages did before it. When you look outside of politics, leaders, coaches, executives, etc. Your additional lifetime earnings, when adding in interest, would be in the tens of millions by relocating your assets and citizenship to a more tax friendly country. That skill is becoming increasingly valuable because:. The information overload puts a premium on brevity, which leads to abbreviation, which leaves out what is unfamiliar, which leaves out important parts of understanding the information.

The growing tribalization and marginalization of life will stunt discourse and thinking. We will identify more with people who share our interests and work than our country. An investment banker in Manhattan has more in common with a trader in Tokyo than the server who prepares his food for lunch.

[Spoilers] Mistborn era 2. The Sovereign.

The cybereconomy may put more emphasis back in trust and mutual assurance than in the industrial era, and ways of assuring trust between unknown parties will rise. Whatever your current residence or nationality, to optimize your wealth you should reside in a country other than the one from which you hold your first passport, while keeping the bulk of your money in a third country, preferably a tax haven.

If you can teach yourself how to solve problems, you have a bright career ahead of yourself. No matter where you live, you will find problems galore in need of solving. Those who would benefit from solutions of their problems will pay you handsomely to solve them. Then consider signing up for my Monday Medley newsletter. It's a collection of fascinating finds from my week, usually about psychology, technology, health, philosophy, and whatever else catches my interest. I also include new articles, book notes, and podcast episodes. High-Level Thoughts One of those few books where you see the world differently after reading it.

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In the information age, a job will be a task that you do, not a thing that you have. Points to keep in mind when trying to understand the information revolution: A shift in the foundations of power unfolds far in advance of the actual revolutions in use of power. There are four key pieces to understanding megapolitcal changes: Topography, the control and makeup of the land. And we refuse to play small. Without a doubt, there is a rise of Interest in Spirituality, especially with millennials.

As we are all here bridging generations, eras, and millennias, this is the time for us to get honest and real about what it means to live a life in the Golden Era…. Happy Solstice! This is the Rebirth we've all been waiting for. We are living in times beyond basic bitch living. We are here to live a life with depth, authenticity, connection, and realness. The playing field is shifting and more than ever, are we called to connect with Community to show up and support one another to bless this place UP!

I was ready to release the old story. Ready to rewrite it with love, empowerment, authenticity. As a strong Goddesspreneur, we can be defined by our strong inner Masculine. We are strong, independent women, but with that comes the harsh reality that we are out of alignment with the balance between our Masculine and Feminine energies. Now, I honor this time to connect with my ancestors to help guide me through my soulistic journey. Every 7 years, we are personally facing areas in our lives that are yearning for our love and attention to make sure we are aligned to our Sat Nam.

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Why you ask? This episode is an energetic transmission that will help you uplevel to new heights. During our last night together, we decided to do a Mezcal Ceremony and record an episode for the Sovereign Goddess Podcast after the Super Everything Moon.