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Ivory Tusks – A Blessing and Curse

It put it beneath its legs and crushed. The celestial you are will get defeated in the hands of a Pandian King in the earth. His weapon Disc, will remove your head from your body. Both Devendran and the other celestials got frightened. Indran got down from the elephant and prayed to Durvasar. Please pardon my guilt.

The Removal Of The Curse On The White Elephant

Should I go to Earth once again, as I have suffered a lot by remaining in the earth already for innumerable number of years because of Brahmahathi thosam. And that too as per your curse should I get defeated in the hands of a human being.

See a Problem?

Will there be any other and more severe punishment for me than this? Please pardon me.

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All the other celestials fell on the ground prostrating Maharishi with their heads wearing crown touching the ground. Durvasar had a change of mind. Where there is anger there will be goodness also there. I can not take back the given curse once given and is not possible also.

Yet when the Disc Chakrayutham in tamil comes towards to you take away your head, it will take away and remove the crown that you are wearing on your head. What has come for the head will go away with head gear. The white colour of your body will go away. You, the elephant oc celestial world will go back to earth, move with other elephants there and remain in the earth one hindred years. After that you will return back to Indralokam.

The white elephant wept with tears rolling down from its eyes.

Elephant Tusks - Elephant Facts and Information

Then it came down to the earth and wandered here and there in various places. At last after the passing of one hundred years, it entered into the Kadambavanam forest full of kadamba trees. That is Madurai created by Indran. I t tok the water from the Lotus tank portamarai and performed abhishekam to Lord Chockalingam there. It plucked the golden lotus from the tank and did puja with it.

Shaiva Lahari. The Removal Of The Curse On The White Elephant Durvasa-rishi was once worshipping the said image in the Tilivanam, when he took lotus flowers, and after presenting it to the God, carried it with him to Indra's paradise, who was then riding on his white elephant, and going to encounter the giants.

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Scriptures - English-Translation. The White Elephant Archive. Setting No. In dealing with the Holocaust, which is always inscribed with the question of representability, two different stances often clash: Forgetting or bearing witness. As the grandson of Armin Freudmann, who survived internment in several concentration camps and saved the poems he wrote during this time, but who ultimately decided not to speak about his experiences, Freudmann takes up the task of staging the testimonies of his family in the form of a media collage.