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Resisting blame and managing emotion in general practice: The case of patient suicide. Wand, Timothy Issues in Mental Health Nursing, Vol. Mulder, Roger Problems with Suicide Risk Assessment.

Risk and Culture

Dix, Roland Risk assessment: reflection and future. Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care, Vol. Undrill, Guy Calling time on risk assessments. Brown, Steve and Langrish, Martin Evaluation of a risk assessment tool to predict violent behaviour by patients detained in a psychiatric intensive care unit. Recovery in New Zealand: An evolving concept? International Review of Psychiatry, Vol. Large, Matthew The relevance of the early history of probability theory to current risk assessment practices in mental health care.

Toward New Paradigms

History of Psychiatry, Vol. Risk assessment and risk management: Developing a model of shared learning in clinical practice. Advances in Mental Health, Vol. Crisis, Vol. Wand, Anne and Wand, Timothy Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening, Vol. Clancy, Leonie and Happell, Brenda Tensions of difference: reconciling organisational imperatives for risk management with consumer-focused care from the perspectives of clinicians and managers.

Journal of Clinical Nursing, Vol. Download full list. Google Scholar Citations. Scopus Citations. View HTML.

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The reader will understand that 1 b is essentially the same book as 1 a , but altered in arrangement, chiefly by inverting the order in which the poems of Dante and of the Dantesque epoch, and those of an earlier period, are printed. In the present collection, I reprint 1 b , taking no further count of 1 a. The volume 2 b is to a great extent the same as 2 a , yet by no means identical with it. It thus became impossible for me to reproduce 2 a : but the question had to be considered whether I should reprint 2 b and 3 exactly as they stood in , adding after them a section of poems not hitherto printed in any one of my brother's volumes; or whether I should recast, in point of arrangement, the entire contents of 2 b and 3, inserting here and there, in their most appro- priate sequence, the poems hitherto unprinted.

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I have chosen the latter alternative, as being in my own opinion the only arrangement which is thoroughly befitting for an edition of Collected Works. I am aware that some readers would have preferred to see the old order— i. Indeed, one of my brother's friends, most worthy, whether as friend or as critic, to be consulted on such a subject, decidedly advocated that plan. On the other hand, I found my own view confirmed by my sister Christina, who, both as a member of the family and as a poetess, deserved an attentive hearing.

The reader who inspects my table of contents will be readily able to follow the method of arrangement which is here adopted.

ISBN 13: 9780415119993

I have divided the materials into Principal Poems, Miscellaneous Poems, Translations, and some minor headings; and have in each section arranged the poems—and the same has been done with the prose-writings—in some approximate order of date. This order of date is cer- tainly not very far from correct; but I could not make it absolute, having frequently no distinct information to go by.

The few translations which were printed in 2 b as page: xxxiii. There are two poems by my brother, unpublished as yet, which I am unable to include among his Collected Works.

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One of these is a grotesque ballad about a Dutchman, begun at a very early date, and finished in his last illness. The other is a brace of sonnets, in- teresting in subject, and as being the very last thing that he wrote. These works were presented as a gift of love and gratitude to a friend, with whom it remains to publish them at his own discretion. I have also advisedly omitted three poems; two of them sonnets, the third a ballad of no great length. One of the sonnets is that entitled Nuptial Sleep.

It appeared in the volume of Poems 2 a , but was objected to by Mr. Buchanan, and I suppose by some other censors, as being indelicate; and my brother excluded it from The House of Life in his third volume. I con- sider that there is nothing in the sonnet which need imperatively banish it from his Collected Works; but his own decision commands mine, and besides it could not now be reintroduced into The House of Life , which he moulded into a complete whole without it, and would be misplaced if isolated by itself—a point as to which his opinion is very plainly set forth in his prose-paper The Stealthy School of Criticism.

The second sonnet, named On the French Liberation of Italy, was put into print by my brother while he was pre- paring his volume of , but he resolved to leave it unpublished. Its title shows plainly enough that it page: xxxiv.

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Dante Rossetti was a very fastidious writer, and, I might add, a very fastidious painter. He wrote out of a large fund or reserve of thought and consideration, which would culminate in a clear impulse or as we say an inspiration. In the execution he was always heedful and reflective from the first, and he spared no after-pains in clarifying and perfecting. He abhorred anything straggling, slipshod, profuse, or uncondensed.

He often recurred to his old poems, and was reluctant to leave them merely as they were. A natural concomitant of this state of mind was a great repugnance to the notion of publishing, or of having published after his death, whatever he regarded as juvenile, petty, or inadequate. As editor of his Collected Works, I have had to regulate myself by these feelings of his, whether my own entirely correspond with them or not.

The page: xxxv. I have not unfrequently heard my brother say that he considered himself more essentially a poet than a painter. To vary the form of expression, he thought that he had mastered the means of embodying poetical concep- tions in the verbal and rhythmical vehicle more thoroughly than in form and design, perhaps more thoroughly than in colour. I may take this opportunity of observing that I hope to publish at an early date a substantial selection from the family-letters written by my brother, to be pre- ceded by a Memoir drawn up by Mr.

Theodore Watts, who will be able to express more freely and more im- partially than myself some of the things most apposite to be said about Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Note: Broken type: In the seventh line, the dot of the "i" for the page number is missing. I add here the dedications to Rossetti's volumes 1a, 2a, 2b, and 3. The dedication to 1b appears in its proper place.

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I put an asterisk against the titles of the few which had been printed by my brother in some outlying form, but not in his volumes. For any further particulars the reader may be referred to my notes. Yea, thou shalt learn how salt his food who fares Upon another's bread,—how steep his path Who treadeth up and down another's stairs.