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Nonetheless Warner remains mindful of the fact that the fairy forest is traditionally dense and trackless, and that it is her job in this short introduction to provide a bag of breadcrumbs to help her readers find their way.

Perrault was an Academician and a courtier, and felt odd about coming out as the purveyor of nursery tattle. This was nonsense of course. Something similar happened but in reverse with the Grimms more than years later. Setting out to record the true voice of the people, the scholar brothers found themselves sifting through stories that sounded suspiciously as though they had started life in a French salon or even a Persian souk.

The second was to create a narrative voice that sounded as if it had bubbled up from a collective unconscious as old as the hills of Westphalia.


Shorn of anything like modern psychology or social logic, the tales as told by the Grimms now took on their characteristically creepy power. Whether or not some of the tales that the Grimms initially collected really were blow-ins from France, Italy and even China remains a moot point.

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Emma Watson: the feminist and the fairytale

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Story is everywhere, and it affects every choice we make: where we live, what we buy, what jobs we do, who we fall in love with. When children hear stories, they are making sense of the world, and casting themselves in the various roles.

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The ancient Greek philosopher Plato wanted to ban storytelling. He understood its power and its danger. Aristotle though, believed that one of the primary uses of story was to make sense of our lives. Neuroscience has demonstrated the impact of story on empathy.

Puss in Boots (Puss'n Boots) - Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids - Fable

Because when we read, when we listen to story, we imagine ourselves into the various roles. If those roles are limited, our imagination is limited. Whether we are aware of it or not, when we listen to story, when we read fiction, when we watch drama — we are imagining ourselves into the narrative. It is our job as parents, as educators, as humans, to critique the stories we receive and to help the next generation do the same.

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