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You can unsubscribe at any time. So, as you consider how to make your church better, here are five ways to help your church: 1 Pray for your pastor. Tags: 5 Things , Church Life , leadership , pastors , prayer. A review by the Bishop of Truro makes a number of key recommendations to the government, including the possibility of setting up…. Release International welcomes recommendations published on July 8 that would give the government teeth to deal with Christian persecution.

Up to 13 people have been killed and hundreds left homeless after militants raided several mainly Christian villages in central Nigeria. Over 12 hours, Fulani attacked four villages in the area bordering Plateau and Kaduna states, burning homes, churches and farmland. But the relentless persecution of church members continues. Jiang Rong was freed on bail earlier last week, as was another church member, Li….

In recent weeks, churches across China have been told to close and the Government has…. International observers fear the landslide victory for nationalists in the Indian elections could spur a change in the constitution that would make persecution even worse for Christians. Churches around the UK and Ireland have taken to the great outdoors to stand in the gap for persecuted Christians.

Each year, Release International encourages Christians to head into the open…. With the election results now in, the tightening…. Radio report A further Christians have been rounded up in Eritrea… Their crime? Gathering to meet in private ahead of Independence Day. There is tight security on the streets ahead of May 24, when Eritrea celebrates independence from Ethiopia. Secret police…. Eritrea has arrested more than Christians who were meeting in private in the capital Asmara. Fourteen children are among the detained, after the authorities….

More than Christians were arrested as they gathered in a private courtyard in the Eritrean capital last Friday.

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Our partner Release Eritrea says that of those arrested in the Mai Temenai area of Asmara were women. The others were 23…. Release International has produced a major radio documentary examining the growing number of attacks against Christian communities in Nigeria. The documentary features Release workers who arrived at the scene of an attack shortly after militants had left, leaving houses still burning.

Religious Liberty Partnership statement on crises in Central Nigeria There has been a call for the Nigerian government to increase security to protect largely Christian communities which are under attack by heavily armed militants. Thousands have been killed and driven from their…. Release International is welcoming moves towards civilian rule in Sudan.

1. Pray that leaders can remain steadfast.

The military leaders have come to an agreement with the opposition to set up a three-year transition towards civilian rule. Release is calling for full religious freedom to be restored in Sudan,…. She has arrived in Canada, where two of her daughters have already been granted asylum, her lawyer told CNN….

Asia Bibi is finally out of Pakistan. Her lawyer has told CNN that she is now in Canada, where two of her daughters have already been granted asylum.


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The Christian woman was acquitted of blasphemy by the Pakistan Supreme Court last year,…. Release International calls on Pakistan to repeal blasphemy laws and release others. Officials have confirmed that Asia has been released…. Asia Bibi is finally out of Pakistan, according to news reports. The Christian woman was acquitted of blasphemy by the Pakistan….

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A new report on the persecution of Christians has come as a major wake-up call to governments, believes Release International, which supports persecuted believers around the world. A new government report is warning that the persecution of Christians worldwide is spreading, increasing in severity, and has now reached levels approaching genocide in parts of the Middle East.

The Bishop of Truro has carried out an independent review for the…. Each event….

Sri Lanka remains on high alert amid warnings that Islamist bombers are still at large and hunting for further targets. Release partners are caring for victims and say Christians are heeding calls for forgiveness and reconciliation. Police in Sri Lanka have warned…. Christians in Sri Lanka have been working to provide comfort, help and relief to victims of the Easter bombings.

Despite fears of further attacks, Christians have been responding to the tragedy with an attitude of forgiveness. They say their aim is to…. Amid cancelled church services and warnings of more attacks, Release partners bring relief to Sri Lanka Sri Lanka remains on high alert following the Easter bomb attacks against churches and tourist hotels, which killed upwards of and wounded Many churches…. The death toll in the Sri Lanka Easter bomb attacks would have been even higher, without the swift action of a church member who confronted a suicide bomber. The man, whose name was Ramesh, challenged a backpacker who was trying to get….

Please stand with our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka after the Easter Sunday bomb attacks on churches and hotels that killed more than people.

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They also…. As Sri Lanka holds a national day of mourning for the victims of the Easter bomb attacks, many are questioning how could such a thing have taken place — and why were Christians at worship among the targets? The death toll has…. Security forces in Sri Lanka continue to investigate the bomb attacks against churches and hotels on Easter Sunday. The targeted bomb blasts, which have killed almost and injured , were set off by seven suicide bombers, officials have confirmed. Three churches….

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The death toll continues to rise following Easter service bomb attacks against churches in Sri Lanka. News reports say bombers targeted three churches and a number of hotels in the…. Prince Charles has declared himself moved and humbled by meeting persecuted Christians — many of whom have had to flee from their homelands. Writing in The Telegraph over Easter, Prince Charles said he had made a point of meeting believers — of….

As Sudan goes through a coup and regime change, Release International sees a window of opportunity to end the persecution of Christians in that vast Islamic country. Up to 2. Officials are offering cash rewards….

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As upheavals in Sudan continue, Release International sees a window of opportunity to end the persecution of Christians in that country. Authorities in Pakistan fear that a terrorist linked to Islamic State is planning an attack that could target Christians in Punjab province at Easter. The bomber is likely to try to carry out a suicide attack in Lahore, our contact says. Release International has launched an appeal to help these refugees from countries such as Syria, Iraq and Eritrea.

In Syria,…. Many churches in eastern Ukraine have stopped meeting after Russian-backed rebels ordered a ban on services. Protestant, Seventh Day Adventist and Pentecostal….

The Runaway Pastor's Wife

There were 77 recorded incidents of hatred and violence against Christians…. Asia Bibi, who has been declared not guilty of…. Ahead of that came reports…. Targeted violence and acts of hatred against Christians are up by 57 per…. Sadaf is 13 and has been kidnapped, forcibly converted and married to a Muslim. It was the morning of February 6, when Sadaf was alone in her house in Bahawalpur, that….

Stop the attacks from the twin menaces of Boko Haram and armed Fulani herdsmen. The report includes the story of Eritrean gospel singer Helen Berhane, who was….