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Stirling Castle is home to two well-known ghosts. The more striking one of them is known as the Pink Lady. She is a pretty woman who got her nickname from the luxurious, pink dress that she wears.

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According to another legend, she may be the wife of a soldier who fell when Edward I and his troops besieged Stirling Castle in the early 14th century, doomed to search for her fallen husband for all eternity. The Pink Lady spends her time wandering around the castle and its surrounding area. The second ghost is known as the Green Lady or the Grey Lady, depending on who is telling the story.

Whenever she appears, a major disaster is sure to follow.

Although this may seem ominous, the Lady is actually trying to warn people of the danger, attempting to save them like she saved her queen so many years ago. There are rumors of a third, more mysterious specter.

Old Jack’s Ghost Stories from England (1) | I Talk You Talk Press

It is said that a 19th-century sentry died here in the middle of his patrol, his face twisted in terror. Is the poor guard the ghost making the footsteps?

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Or did he see whatever horrifying spectral creature was making them and die of fright? These underground chambers are locally known as Blair Street Vaults and thought to be the home of several nasty ghosts. The most harmless ghost is Jack. Another one is known as Mr. According to Nicola Wright, who has worked as a tour guide in and around the Vaults for over a decade, the Watcher is always lurking in the tunnels. Psychics have reported feelings of dread in its presence. The Watcher is at its strongest in an area called the White Room, where even veteran vault dweller Nicola refuses to go.

She says that the Watcher tries to stop people from entering by shouting at them and pushing them. People who have stepped in the White Room anyway have returned with bruises, scratches, and torn clothes, feeling extremely nauseous. One of the most famous haunted public houses is the White Hart Inn.

Old Jack’s Ghost Stories from Scotland | I Talk You Talk Press

With its cellars that date back to , it is one of the oldest pubs in Edinburgh. According to legend, the White Hart Inn has seen many different murders and tragedies.

Over the centuries, the place has accumulated so much spectral energy that many visitors have reported invisible hands pulling their hair or throwing things at them. He also admits that many members of the staff have had odd encounters, and their cleaner has actually threatened to quit if he encounters any more unexplained phenomena. The massacre of Glencoe in was a brutal attack where soldiers loyal to the English crown visited the MacDonald clan and initially befriended their hosts.

But suddenly, they received an order from the crown: Kill the entire clan. The formerly pleasant soldiers ambushed the sleeping MacDonalds during a blizzard, killing 38 of them. Many more died of exposure as they desperately fled for the hills. Some say the ghosts of the wronged MacDonalds never went away. People who live in the stunningly beautiful Glencoe aka Glen Coe area generally agree that the spirits of the victims are still lingering, unable to move on because of their unexpected and violent demise.

Some have reported ghostly figures crouching in the hills, still desperately trying to hide from the soldiers. Still, the Clan MacDonald ghosts are just the tip of the supernatural iceberg in Glencoe. According to some, she can be heard wailing near a waterfall on the night before the anniversary of the massacre. As the city grew, the upper levels of the Close were eventually demolished, leaving only the creepy, narrow basement levels that you can still visit today. As a frightening, claustrophobic place where people died en masse , the Close has long enjoyed a reputation as a site haunted by the plague victims.

She was immediately overwhelmed by feelings of cold, hunger, and sickness, and when she tried to stumble away from the room, a small, ghostly hand tried to grab her leg.

Old Jack’s Ghost Stories from England (2) | I Talk You Talk Press

Though there are many stories that the plague-stricken poor tenants were walled up in their buildings and left to die, the plague carriers were actually moved to a quarantine zone outside the city walls, and the dead were properly disposed of by gravediggers. Lighthouses are isolated and scary places. Scottish castles are famously haunted.

When you combine the two, you get Kinnaird Head. Naturally, this means that Kinnaird Head has its very own ghost story. It is said that the lord of the Kinnaird castle, Sir Alexander Fraser, was very protective of his daughter, Isobel. One day, when Sir Alexander was away on business, Isobel took in a young piper who was seeking shelter from a snowstorm.

The two fell in love, but when Sir Alexander found out, he was so furious that he locked his daughter in the castle tower. He dragged the piper in a cave below the castle and chained him up. Unfortunately, a storm broke out and drowned the piper. The next day, Sir Alexander took his daughter in the cave so that he could make sure no hopes of marriage would linger between the two young lovers.

However, when they found the piper dead, the heartbroken Isobel ran to her tower and jumped.

Rait Castle is a large 13th-century hall house that was equipped with castle towers during the 16th and 17th centuries. Although only its ruins remain, its many strange architectural features make it an interesting structure. You can make a Data Subject Request at any time.

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