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In the summer of , in need of money, Eunice Waymon took a job playing cocktail piano in an Atlantic City dive—the owner demanded that she also sing—and, hoping to keep the news of this unholy employment from her mother, turned herself into Nina Simone, feeling every right to the anger that Nina Simone displayed forever after. At times, it seemed that she could outdistance her feelings. Although she complained of working too hard and touring too much—of being desperately exhausted—her life was not the stuff of the blues.

And then, before a concert in early , Stroud found her in her dressing room putting makeup in her hair.

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The marriage dissolved in , but it was many more years before she received any helpful medication. All the more remarkable, then, the strength that Simone projected through the sixties. It would be wrong, however, to give the impression that her songs were mostly about civil rights. Stroud, with his eye on the bottom line, was always there to keep her from going too far in that direction. By the late sixties, she was so afraid of falling behind the times that she expanded her repertory to include Bob Dylan, Leonard Bernstein, and, covering all bases, the Bee Gees. But womanly strength was in everything she sang: in the cavernous depths of her voice—some people think Simone sounds like a man—in her intensity, her drama, her determination.

I love you, Detroit—you did it! Was she the voice of national tragedy or of the next American revolution? And then King was shot, on April 4, Sections of Washington, Chicago, Baltimore, and more than a hundred smaller cities went berserk.

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Despite her rhetoric, Simone was profoundly shaken, and her views of what might be accomplished in this country only grew more bleak. Are you ready to do what is necessary? It had been five years since the Harlem riot of , the granddaddy of sixties riots; New York had largely escaped the ruinations of both and Despite her best efforts, Simone failed to incite a riot in Harlem that day in The crowd received the poem as it had received her songs: with noisy affirmation, but merely as part of a performance.

People applauded and went on their way. There are many possible reasons: no brutal incident of the kind that frequently set off riots, massive weariness, the knowledge of people elsewhere trapped in riot-devastated cities, maybe even hope. It was not a victory she could believe in or a mood she could sustain. Pop-rock did not really suit her, and the jazz and folk markets had radically shrunk; the concert stage still assured her income and her stature.

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And if the collapse of her marriage was in some ways a liberation she was also now without the person who had managed her finances and her schedule, and who had kept her calm before she went onstage by forbidding her alcohol, among other means , and got her offstage quickly when the calm failed. She was left to govern herself in a world that suddenly had no rules and, just as frightening, was emptied of its larger, steadying purpose. Looking back on the historic protests and legislative victories of the sixties, one may find it easy to assume a course of inevitable if often halting racial progress, yet this was anything but apparent as the decade closed.

She left the country in Travelling to Liberia with her twelve-year-old daughter, she stayed for two years, during which she performed hardly at all. She left Liberia for Switzerland in order to put her daughter in school there. Eventually, she moved to France, alone. The remainder of her life, some twenty-five years, is a tale of escalating misery.

Yet the ups of her life could be almost as vertiginous as the downs.

Rereleased, the record went gold in France and platinum in England. In , she sold out the Olympia, in Paris, for almost a week. She toured widely during her final years.

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Nina had sold over one million CDs in the last decade of her life, making her a global catalog best-seller. No one website can fully explore the many nuances and flavors that made up the more than 40 original albums in the Nina Simone library. Raised in the church on the straight and narrow, her parents taught her right from wrong, to carry herself with dignity, and to work hard.

Able to play virtually anything by ear, she was soon studying classical music with an Englishwoman named Muriel Mazzanovich, who had moved to the small southern town. This website captures milestones in a career that has had more than its share of peaks and valleys. After graduating valedictorian of her high school class, the community raised money for a scholarship for Eunice to study at Julliard in New York City before applying to the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

To the end, she herself would claim that racism was the reason she did not attend. While her original dream was unfulfilled, Eunice ended up with an incredible worldwide career as Nina Simone — almost by default.

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To survive, she began teaching music to local students. Word spread about this new singer and pianist who was dipping into the songbooks of Gershwin, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, and the like, transforming popular tunes of the day into a unique synthesis of jazz, blues, and classical music. Her rich, deep velvet vocal tones, combined with her mastery of the keyboard, soon attracted club goers up and down the East Coast. At the age of twenty-four, Nina came to the attention of the record industry. The boisterous Nathan had insisted on choosing songs for her debut set, but eventually relented and allowed Nina to delve in the repertoire she had been performing at clubs up and down the eastern seaboard.

Sensing that her live performances would capture the essential spontaneity of her artistry, Colpix opted to record her September 12, show.

Nina's Time

It's an assignment that Special Agent Connor Shields is more than happy to accept: Daria is the same pretty American archaeologist he's been searching for ever since a chance meeting two years ago. Amid rumors of a curse and mounting pressure from both the FBI and the museum, Daria and Connor race to unmask their enemy and unravel a mystery stretching across oceans and centuries.

All the while, an ingenious murderer follows a sinister plan to gather the coveted antiquities, and one last acquisition: Daria. But nothing prepares her for the terror that descends upon the idyllic bayside community of St. Dennis on Maryland's Eastern Shore, where a depraved killer has left a grisly surprise for chief of police Gabriel Beck: the body of an unidentified woman, naked and completely encased in plastic wrap, stretched across the backseat of Beck's car. Hidden in the wrapping is a tape recording of the victim's last, gasping words, terrifying evidence of the horror endured at the hands of a madman.

Soon the body count begins to rise as more victims are found, all gruesomely cocooned, their final pleas captured on tape. But their prey is closer than they ever could have imagined. Now Beck must race against time to save Mia from becoming the next victim of a serial killer as elusive as he is evil Now Dorsey is determined to find out where her father's investigation went wrong, what part he played in the death of an innocent young man, and where Shannon has been all this time. The heat is on FBI Special Agent Andrew Shields to discover what happened to Shannon on that night decades ago, and to find out who killed her and why.

Dorsey shadows Andrew's every investigative move, hoping to redeem her father's reputation and capture a cunning killer. Together, Dorsey and Andrew unravel a shocking mystery that will shatter one family, and rock an entire town. Read an Excerpt "Another thriller with that patented Stewart flair. He is sentenced to die for the rape and murder of a young woman, his conviction hinging on two pieces of evidence: DNA testing and an eyewitness who placed him at the scene.

But when the story breaks that the DNA testimony at trial had been fabricated and that the eyewitness was coerced by a cop, all hell breaks loose. In the absence of credible evidence to sustain the conviction, the court is forced to set Lester Ray free. Intrigued by the story of a young man railroaded by justice, true-crime writer Regan Landry is drawn into Lester Ray's camp like a moth to a flame.

For Regan, writing is a way to stay connected to her late literary-legend father, and her knack for detective work makes her a natural when it comes to uncovering new leads in even the murkiest mysteries. Eager for the spotlight, Lester Ray willingly agrees to work with Regan on a tell-all about his experience as an innocent man on death row. But less than a week after leaving prison, he vanishes from the Sunshine State.

Soon after, darkness descends on the outer banks of North Carolina as a string of women are raped and murdered in a frenzied spree. Back then, Cassie was a scared kid — now she's a homicide detective. Back then, the suspect was caught and convicted — and he died in prison. But now the killing has started all over again. And all signs indicate that the Bayside Strangler has come back for more.

With too many victims and too few suspects, Cassie has her hands full investigating the case, while working through the old trauma it has brought to the surface. Together, Cassie and Rick must uncover the link between the dark past and the dangerous present to bring this small town's nightmare to an end once and for all.

If they fail, an elusive fiend will slip back into the shadows Multifaceted relationships and connections always play pivotal roles in unlocking the secrets of the remarkable Ms.

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  • Stewart's dramatic thrillers. As Cold Truth proves, Ms. Stewart is one impressive storyteller! I found this one to be so real, it was hard to fall asleep at night. Excellent beginning to a new thriller series! But along with her memories, Lorna finds the fields where she grew up yield something utterly chilling. All those years ago, when nine-year-old Melinda Eagan vanished on her birthday, her foulmouthed older brother, Jason, quickly became the lone suspect.

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    Yet when he went missing, too, the case turned cold. But Jason, it seems, never got far: His bones have been moldering on the Stiles' land for more than two decades. But Lorna refuses to let the dead rest uneasily. When Jason's mother is accused of his murder, Lorna turns to private eye T. Dawson to dig up the dirt of the past and see what lies beneath. When her father was charged with the serial killings of several college students, Nina and her mother became pariahs in their small Maryland town.

    Though Nina never believed the hideous accusations, evidence led to her father's conviction and guaranteed the death penalty.

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    After the execution, Nina left Stone River to escape the hatred and persecution. More than twenty years later, those doubts are stirred to grim life. A new series of murders is plaguing Stone River: a killing spree that bears a striking resemblance to the one that sent Nina's father to the death chamber. And Nina isn't the only one disturbed enough by the gruesome events to take notice.