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After twenty-one years we were still going strong, but a nagging feeling stopped us in our tracks, forcing us to reflect, regroup, and assess what we had done. You may be wondering: Twenty-one years? What a random swath of time!

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Well, perhaps twenty years is a meaningful moment of maturation in the lifetime of a website, or perhaps we were embroiledin a legal battle with Walter Carson after bungling that Fuller House deal. Perhaps we are not allowed to discuss this further. Thus we began scrolling back in time, way back before birds and influenzas ever dreamed of commingling, all the way to , the year the site was born.

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When we finally arrived back to the beginning, our minds were blown. We remembered why we got into this humor-peddling game in the first place. We were fucking hilarious. Twenty-one years later and somehow the jokes were still fresh, even the early days when esoteric almost-literary satire was a thing. A seventeen-year-old dance lesson could make us chuckle as much as a five-year-old list of feminist humblebrags , or a recent collection of word problems for the race-conscious.

The Tendency is so much more than the website that ended bird flu. We were the website that invented laughter.

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However, Piepenbring found nothing reminiscent of a diary. The book is divided into four sections, and in the almost page introduction, the author talks about the book's origins, his numerous encounters with the charming and self-critical musician, the intimacy that developed between the two, and his shock upon learning of his death.

Such reflections give readers a comprehensive picture of the artist known for being elusive. The book includes more than 50 pages written by Prince himself, including his first memories and feelings of fondness for his parents. Five-year-old Laura was the first woman to kiss him regularly when they played house as kids.

What we learned from Prince's memoir

She said they were not the first interracial couple in Minneapolis, but that they were certainly the youngest. He talks about his parents' quarrels which led up to their divorce. He probably only got applause because he left the stage, he remarks. Later, he wrote his own songs, his voice being just one of many instruments he mastered. When he heard himself on the radio for the first time, Prince said he didn't recognize himself.

Yet, fame followed quickly, with his career taking off when he was only Prince's musical legacy can be experienced in the recordings, photos and compositions carefully compiled from the musician's career and included in book. It is the real-time story of a boy, who, absorbed the world around him, already had an artistic vision long before fame defined him. DW spoke to the editor-in-chief of the German edition of Rolling Stone to get to the bottom of it. From glittery pantsuits to expensive guitars, there's something to make every Prince fan swoon.

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The artist, who underwent several name changes, including a brief stint as "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince," was known for hit singles including "Purple Rain," "Little Red Corvette" and " Bayern Munich booked their place in the knock-out stages of the Champions League, but they had to be patient against Olympiacos. Eventually, second-half goals from Robert Lewandowski and Ivan Perisic made the difference.

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You hear the title, you hear the song — the one recently revisited on "Stranger Things. Here's why it's still a classic. Fleeing through Bulgaria seemed like a possibility, so in he dared the escape and was captured. German's most esteemed literary prize has been awarded to the prodigious Swiss author, playright and essayist, who was praised for examining the "fundamental existential condition of modern life.

Prince reveals his childhood memories in posthumous autobiography | Books | DW |

The art world is becoming richer and more diverse. Artists from Africa, Latin America and Asia are increasingly gaining the international attention that they deserve. In Venice, their works are proving a real visitor magnet. More info OK.

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follow url Books Prince reveals his childhood memories in posthumous autobiography The artist had started working on his memoir before he died. Prince was known for mixing multiple genres in ways that were new and unexpected. So many dead musicians?