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How does it adapt itself to Modernity and globalization? What is the actual evolution of the sake's legislation? Using satellite remote sensing operating in the visible, near infrared and thermal infrared, we studied oceanic surface structures over the Barents and Kara seas, as well as in the southern part of the Barents sea. In situ measurements obtained from oceanographic campaigns allowed us to validate the algorithms we used for image processing and helped us in analyzing the images.

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We studied both biological and physical oceanic structures. Concerning primary production, we showed in which areas and when phytoplanktonic bloom start to develop. We also emphasized the areas where thermal and hydrological fronts appear, sea ice drift and its relationship to surface currents, as well as the transport of sediments and associated pollutants by rivers and their outflow distribution patterns into the sea.

The final goal of our work was to outline which areas of the eurasiatic arctic seas are the most sensitive and exposed if a pollution should occur. We finally concluded that two areas were particularly vulnerable: the marginal sea ice zone in the northern Barents sea that supports large part of the phytoplanktonic ecosystem, source of the food chain. Due to the intensity and very short timing of the phytoplanktonic bloom in that area, a pollution could have serious consequences there. Important exchange of water masses and ice, potentially contaminated, occur in the southeastern part of the Barents sea, which constitute a large refuge for marine mammals and migratory birds.

Concerns about oil and natural gas exploitation should lead future investigations to focus on monitoring of both areas. This study, which relates primarily to France, made it possible to emphasize the major failures of an operation of rehabilitation of site, generally reduced to two factors: costs and techniques of depollution. This approach stresses that there is a dimension of the rehabilitation of the sites, which should be considered.

It is a question of considering it, since depollution until the reuse of a site. It led starting from the Total site of Vendin-le-Vieil and other sites taken in example to expose some direct orientations, which would channel the useful and durable reuse of a site from its environmental immediate and of the executive context into force. These orientations led to the development of a model diagram tested on the boubiers of flaring of l'Ile Mandji in Gabon Central Africa.

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The objective in the long term is to consider the design of a Socio-space System of Management of the Sites and Sols Polluted. We seek to understand bow this Church came to be financially dependent by looking at the different causes or exogenous and endogenous as well as the roots of this phenomenon within the context of the colonial policy. From the beginning, it has received State subsidies and enjoyed other significant advantages including large tracts of land. Ever since the native hierarchy has taken over, i.

But in the light of the current western sociocultural context decline of religious practices, financial crises worldwide Ali things considered, long accustomed as it was to be assisted, this Congolese Church now needs to develop a new course of action through which it will be able to find other means of self-support for its survival. The objective of this work is to show that there is potential at band, namely the mobilization and the rational management of the human and economic resources available, the cost-effectiveness of the production facilities inherited from the missionaries, but resting on a favourable national sociopolitical and economic environment and a change in the attitude of the parties involved.

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This renegotiation is looked at from the angle of the recent opening process that rural areas are going through in the name of patrimonial and environmental interests. We put forward the hypothesis that the publicization of rural areas is not restricted to new uses, but is also an opportunity to turn them to the public sphere. Using a pragmatic and interactionnist interpretation of social bonds, we propose an analytical model based on three topiques of urbanity : open space, public space and place.

Those are used as keys to understand how the ordinary social spatialities redefine the modalities of the "vivre-ensemble". This redefinition is not uniform. For this gradual normative inventiveness of social interactions could be due to both the inter-individuality of joint investments and the higher visibility of discourse-building places.

École doctorale de Géographie de Paris Espace, sociétés, aménagement (Paris)

The ladders also stress the ambiguous role of the patrimonialization normative beam in the reinforcing of the public order, as well as the reduction of contested place identity. However, we find the traces of places and ""common worlds" moments, as first potential steps towards the advent of a public sphere. While cultural plurality increases, this reflexion thus aims at clarifying the role of space in the normative processes by emphasizing the everyday social experiences and the importance of conceiving space as a context of action.

In , the state budget for social action for students was more than 5. Les 1. Jacques Barnaud Worms et Cie , M. Yves Desprez Compagnie auxiliaire de navigation , M. Louis Pineau Office national des combustibles liquides , M. Henri Zaffreya, commissaire du gouvernement, M.

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Douillard par M. Marie, par M.

www.abs-ufa.ru/includes/1265.php Le 24 juillet , M. Le 1er avril , M. Guillaumat, directeur des carburants. Gasquet, et M. Haussmann au 46, avenue de Villiers. Hypolite Worms. Worms, aller seul accueillir la "flotte" de la SFTP. Aussi, M. Par acte du 3 mai , M. Hypolite Worms et M.

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Pierre Pucheu, M. Louis Warnery. Free La guerre sainte.

1949.12.00.De Roger Mennevée.Les Documents de l'AIII.Article

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