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Why did the First World War start? They will investigate the role of the individual in history — How important was Napoleon III in the unification of Italy? The study of medicine allows students to investigate different areas of medical advancement then synthesise this knowledge into an assessment of the degree to which medical knowledge and treatment changed over an extended period of time. Source handling skills are further developed from previous years with the WWI unit of focusing on the ability of students to interpret and integrate source material into their answers.

They will be engaged in a wide range of different types of written work and in reading — both textbooks and other written sources.

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Pupils will continue to develop their written and oral skills in the English language. They will be expected to participate in pair and group work and in whole class discussions. Students will also be taken on a trip to visit the Somme battlefields as part of their WWI study.

In History, four main themes are explored: Europe from the French Revolution to the revolutions of ; the socio-economic impact of industrialisation in the 19th century; the dynamics of 19th century colonialism and how this in turn shaped international politics; and finally the suicide of Europe and the end of European empires which will be an Bac exam topic for Terminale.

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In Geography, we explore four themes: urbanisation a Bac exam topic for Terminale ; globalization of industry and services; rural services; and China. History-Geography teaching in France is intended to provide pupils with an understanding of their cultural heritage - both French and, increasingly, European - and also a knowledge and understanding of the contemporary world in order to make future French citizens both aware of the roots of modern issues but also to offer them the skills to be able to react and to participate in the democracy.

Within this framework, the British Section, working closely in partnership with the UK examining board, Cambridge Assessment, has devised a syllabus which covers many of the most popular topics taught in British schools and seeks to develop not just knowledge of the past, but an understanding of world history and geography as well as the ability to make independent judgments through the use of documentary evidence and engagement with historiographical debates.

For Fast-track English programmes click below. Please note that the History-Geography courses for these classes are the same as the mainstream programmes above.

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The 6 hours of lessons include the 2 hours on the programme dedicated to History. The primary aim of these lessons will be the development of oracy skills.

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The 6 hours of lessons will be split into 4 hours of English Language and Literature and 2 hours of History taught by separate subject specialists. The programme in both subjects will broadly follow that of the Bilingual Class although there will be a continued emphasis on the development of accurate language use, the extension of vocabulary and the teaching of grammar.

The aim of the programme is to see the linguistic divide between the Fast-track class and the Bilingual class narrow as the students move up the school. Skip to main content. Show side menu The Secondary Department is a thriving department of seven English teachers and five History-Geography teachers, all of whom have been trained and have acquired experience in the UK educational system.

Students will be encouraged to extend their reading to different genres and become more sophisticated in their choice of books. Writing Students will work on the composition and craft of writing. They will learn the skills necessary for writing to: narrate, persuade, describe, instruct, explain; recollect, organise thought, summarise, hypothesise; express themselves in aesthetic and imaginative ways.

Speaking and Listening Students will develop a range of oral and listening skills including: Articulating to other students, in groups or to the class as a whole, why they chose topics for writing or structured a piece of writing as they did. Drama and role-play, improvised or scripted, both as activities in their own right and as supports to other elements of the English curriculum.

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Discussion, argument and debate on social and moral topics affecting students in their lives in and beyond school. They will learn the skills necessary for writing to: report, narrate, persuade, argue, describe, instruct, explain; recollect, organise thought, reconstruct information from outside sources, summarise, hypothesise; express themselves in aesthetic and imaginative ways.

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Discussion, argument and debate on social, environmental, and moral topics affecting students in their lives in and beyond school. Discussion, argument and debate on social, environmental, moral and political topics affecting students in their lives in and beyond school. Aims, Skills and Expectations One of our key aims this year is to promote study skills and independent learning. Brevet: course content I. Registration will be processed immediately.


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