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Opa, das kannst Du auch! Out-Burn, Burn-out umkehren. Sieben Kriminalstories mit Pfiff und Pointe ePub. PDF Aschenlauge Download. Neue Forschungsergebnisse polnischer Historiker It continued to form a part of proper names: Goth. Ansila, OHG. Anso; the OHG. Now in Ulphilas Lu. Jornandes says, cap. What can be plainer? The significance of this analogy, however, is heightened, when we observe that the Etruscan religion, and perhaps also the Roman and the Greek, supposed a circle of twelve superior beings closely bound together and known by the name of dii consentes or complices see Suppl.

Some other appellations may be added in support. In the earliest period of our language, the neut. Now the plural of this, as used in the Edda, denotes in a special manner the plurality of the gods see Suppl. These ON. The same heathen conception peeps out in the OS. And again in metodogiscapu, Hel. We have seen that metod likewise is a name for the Supreme Being, which the christian poet of the Heliand has ventured to retain from the heathen poetry.

But these gen. The collection of Augustine's letters contains cap.

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The inf. But sihora, it seems, can only be explained as Teutonic, and must have been already in heathen times an epithet of God derived from his victorious might see Suppl. Sigr, OHG. It is even possible that from that ancient sihora sprang the title sira, sire still current in Teutonic and Romance languages. Thus, from a mere consideration of the general names for God and gods, we have obtained results which compel us to accept an intimate connexion between expressions in our language and conceptions proper to our heathenism.

I shall take up all the threads again, but I wish first to determine the nature and bearings of the cultus.

The drift of these remarks seems to be this: The word, though used as a masc. Saxo does not inflect Thor; Uhland p. The Slav. Of qeoj , deus we shall have to speak in ch. God is the giver of all good, and himself the highest good, summum bonum. Thus Plate names him to agaqon. Such a fear may arise from two causes: a holy name must not be abused, or an unholy dreaded name, e. In Fornm. Sangbieu sang de Dieu [ blood of God ], corbieu corps de D.

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D [ by God ], vertuguien, vertugoi vertu de D. As early as Renart , por la char bien. So the Engl. Weber metr. The omission of and between the two datives is archaic, conf. Buge was primi, gralva Venus!

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Birds play the spy on men's privacy. To the creative God rejoicing in his work, the MHG. So in Chrestien: ja la fist Dex de sa main nue, por nature fere muser, tout le mont i porroit user, s'ele la voloit contrefere, que ja nen porroit a chief trere; no Dex, s'il sen voloit pener, mi porroit, ce cuit, assener, que ja une telle feist, por peine que il i meist see Suppl. And Tacitus on this very subject of the Germans: propitiine an irati dii, Germ.

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  4. And in the Mid. Ages: tu odium Dei omniumque sanctorum habeas! Vita Meinwerci, cap. Serious illness or distress is habitually called 'der gotes slac,' stroke. When lightning strikes, our people say: If God can burn, we can build again; Ettners hebamme, p. Where God is, there is grace and peace; of a solemn spot it is said: Here dwells der liebe Gott! And, to drive den lieben Gott from a person's room Lessing 1, , means to disturb a solitary in his sanctum. From the Slav. Jane pater! Cato but what can Dissunapiter mean in the remarkable conjuring spell, Cato ?

    https://sputoruhglas.tk Ursus divinus, Asbirna ursa divina , for which the Waltharius has the hybrid Ospirn, prop. Anspirn ; conf.

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