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Journey through years of Olympus history. Discover how our products are used in everyday life. This special documentary tells the story behind Olympus' significant contributions to the medical field and is shared through the eyes of Olympus pioneers, a specialized factory worker, and a colon cancer survivor. In this feature documentary, Olympus pioneers, a used camera shop technician, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer share the story of Olympus cameras and their insight on how Olympus influenced the world of photography.

In the final installment of the Olympus documentary series, Olympus pioneers and a quality control expert share the story of Olympus microscopes and industrial equipment and how they contribute to making lives better and safer. Learn about the origin and evolution of our corporate logo. Find out about Olympus Cancer Awareness initiatives through various articles and other useful content covering our activities around the globe. Discover the opportunities we provide for children around the world through Olympus Youth Education Support initiatives.

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So, so easy Olympus! Hi, I share the same feeling. There is alternative though Turn on double exposures, take them, and then turn on overlay to add 2 more exposures, turn multiple exposures off, then on, then overlay on, select the previous photo and add 2 more exposures and repeat this until you are satisfied This camera looks pretty sweet.

I have never even seen a real one but it is so small and honestly looking at the DPR gallery the images are way better than I would have thought. To my eye even better than the Fuji XT3. Images are excellent "if" an artist understands the limits of its small sensor.

Firmware upgrade brings features from Olympus's E-M1X to the E-M1 Mark II

Limits being worse color accuracy and bit depth, worse low light performance, worse roll off from shadow to midtones, worse roll of from mid tones to highlights, lower shadow dynamic range, less dynamic range in the highlights. People don't buy this camera for picture quality. Its built like a tank, its fast as hell, and its stabilization is godly. I consider this a tool to "document" things in good lighting conditions but poor weather conditions.

But Fuji lenses need to keep the weight down; hence my purchase of Fuji 50mm f2 over their 90mm or 56mm. Therein the advantage of MFT with smaller zoom lenses on offer. The next Fuji small zoom later this year of interest. Thematic: the sensor of the EM1 Mark2 is quiet good really.. Sure, it will not break any record When considering size you must consider the total package. That means lenses included. Looking at the MFT lenses they are tiny.

Looking at the Apsc lenses they are just as big as full Frame. I have never actually had one in hand. I am looking at numbers and photos here at DPR so maybe I am wrong. But looking at the 17mm 1. The Olympus lenses are far smaller. The Fuji not so much. The Fuji is a bit compacter but the Olympus is a bit better build and optic but a bit slower as well. Both are very good.

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I do prefer the Zuiko.. It's always the same game.. Of course, depending the optical and build quality.. I am actively looking at new cameras and plan to buy one soon. The XT3 was my favorite but the image quality in the Z6 is so much better and I did get to shoot a Z7 with the f4 and really liked it and even the kit lens. The Z6 is better for me. So I will probably buy it but this Olympus is very interesting. I will go try one and I am not a pro I just want a good camera to take good landscapes and travel photos mostly.

I think any of the recent cameras are excellent. One thing that does mean a lot to me is how they feel in hand and the shooting experience. I will go try them all before I decide. But often, equivalent lenses just don't exist. Doesn't matter until it's going to actually be produced. Sell your Mk1 to help defray the cost. Or ask yourself if the feature difference will make any meaningful difference to your photography.

If the honest, hard-light-of-day answer is "no", then continue to enjoy your Mk1. Barty L You hit the nail on the head damn you : It will not "make a meaningful difference" to my photography.

I just had a bad attack of GAS. And the mk2 is bigger and heavier than mk1 noticeably. Same weight as the Nikon Z6 for example. Much better video quality is the reason I would change and apparently some of the controls are likely to fail on the MK. Both don't have an AA filter and would have made the bigger difference in image quality rather than the resolution.

You could do what I did. Most noticeable is the auto focusing which was better even before this latest 3. Raw capture on the E-M1 II shows good detail, though not a huge advantage over the original E-M1 note, the E-M1 suffers from shutter shock until you reach ISO in our comparison as earlier firmware versions did not offer zero-second anti-shock. The E-M1 II is just slightly behind the X-T2 in general, and shows some false color and severe aliasing on white-on-black text due to the lack of an AA filter.

Noise performance in low light doesn't show much of an advantage over the E-M1, except perhaps less noise reduction on the Raw file at ISO So as long as we are using the zero-second anti-shock, with the up-to-date firmware on the E-M1 MK. I doubt you would find too many people that have owned both that would suggest that the money spent on the upgrade didn't give them in increase in image IQ.

To me, there is even a whole different look to the images between a 16mpx Panasonic sensor coupled with version VII Olympus firmware, and a 20mpx Sony sensor coupled with version VIII firmware. This difference never shows up in the spec sheets or on the reviews. Of course if all you have at your disposal is the specs and the reviews It is a much more responsive camera too, plus the shutter mechanism has damped mounting, making it quieter while reducing the possibility of shutter shock.

Map and Directions to Olympus Manor in Pretoria East

I've shot virtually exclusively with Olympus for the past years and recently bought a Fuji X-T3 in the interests of "better" IQ, dynamic range and low light performance. In my view this is always personal and not objective compared on an EM1. I've been on the fence about keeping the Fuji system--I truly wanted to love it.

But with this upgrade, the X-T3 is going on the block. The EM1. My short time with this upgrade makes it even more so. It's killer! Both are amazing camera tool..

Choose your OM-D

I cannot imagine another Camera Manufacturer doing such an upgrade to a 3 year old model. Wildlife, Birds, would be nice. This is not uncommon for Olympus, my old E-M1 original version was upgraded well into its life span. Kudos to Olympus for once again confirming that my purchase of my E-M1 II at the introductory price was a pretty good deal.

I was just reading the news article about how 1 in 4 interchangeable lens cameras sold in Japan in an Olympus. I am glad to see they are so popular. Panasonic micro four third cameras are also very popular for video makers. While, it will probably change after the S1H review, the 2 most recommended cameras for video just happen to be Panasonic. This is a wonderfully versatile system they've created and it has more support and more manufactures than any other system.

View from Olympus | Thessaloniki | November 8

JVC, and Sharp too. Fingers crossed Olympus will put more effort into the video side in the future and match Panasonic. I'm rooting for them to succeed! I have used cameras from all the major manufacturers and have always found Olympus cameras a joy to use. Anoop, if that was indeed the case you wouldn't bother to give such massage in this and many other item s. Apparently your are very concerned that MFT is alive and kicking and are desperately trying to down-play it with hate speech. Translation: "I am such a sad person that I just have to try to spoil the day of those happy musers with yet another futile attempt! You write like you're 5 years old.

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Please contribute something meaningful or troll elsewhere. Anoop kumar Ha ha ha. No counselling will help you either. Well actually, it would probably be worth a try. Thanks to Olympus for updates! I was hoping for an update to allow me to save video settings to a custom setting.

The OMD Log and Flat picture modes have terrible highlight clipping and sharpening can not be adjusted. Log and Flat may have better dynamic range but highlight blow-out on a hard edge is really ugly, so best to stick with the already extremely good muted picture setting which to my eye is about as good for highlight roll off blow-out as my GH5 with v-log. It appears to work in FCPX.