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Born with a strawberry birthmark over her eye, Nina spends countless hours applying makeup and trying out ridiculous hairstyles designed to hide her eye.

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Convinced that her birthmark is the only reason she's not popular and can't find a boyfriend, Nina must find other ways to survive high school. Through it all, Nina proves she'll do just about anything to fit in, and even more in the hope of finding love. Soupy Saturdays with the Pain and the Great One. Judy Blume. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Preteens Talk. Jack Canfield. Artificial Sweethearts. Julie Hammerle. Belle Whittington. Pink Smog. Francesca Lia Block. Hush Little Baby. Caroline B. No Problem. Dayle Campbell Gaetz. The Monster Variations.

Daniel Kraus.

Family Ties. Gary Paulsen.

Kelly McWilliams. While the characters are partially based on her own friends and family members, Rosens imagination creates a story that is all her own.

Every Crooked Pot is not just a story about Nina, but about her entire family, their complex relationships, and all the ways that love is shown. Nina is a girl from Akron, Ohio, born with a birthmark over her eye.

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For many years, Nina is sure that her birthmark hinders her in every dimension of her life. Its because of her birthmark that she is not pretty and that boys are not interested in her.


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All her life, she uses her birthmark as a shield, hiding behind it and using it as an excuse for anything she doesnt want to do. Every day before school, Nina applies heavy makeup to her eye and combs her hair down over half of her face, all to conceal her birthmark. She undergoes many treatments at a doctors office all the way in Chicago, and even considers having surgery done, all in the hopes of correcting her eye.

While some people complain about being too ordinary, Nina would give anything in the world for her eye to look normal. It is her greatest hope that she can hide her bad eye from the world. Maybe if somebody doesnt notice her eye, they will be able to see her as a person, and not just Big Eye, Little Eye as the boys at school used to call her.

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Rosens story begins when Nina is just a little girl, and follows her life past her high school graduation. Each important event in her life is so well documented, everything written from Ninas unique perspective, and all of her feelings pouring out in a jumble that makes perfect sense. Because Rosen has hemangioma herself, I just get the sense that Ninas feelings, thoughts, and fears are so real, she almost jumps off the page. In the end, Nina realizes that just like a bad yearbook photograph, nobody noticed her eye as much as she did, and she can be beautiful and lovable regardless.

Every Crooked Pot is just a fantastic tale of discovering oneself and growing up to be the most you can be. A2 Amber, Teen Demi-Goddess. Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you? User reviews 1 reviews. Already have an account? Log in now or Create an account.

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After: After Zombie Series Book 1. Michigan vs. Hitched: The Bachelorette. It was funny and heartfelt. I felt as if I could really relate to this book because it was so realistic. While reading this novel, I could not put it down. Some chapters were a bit slow getting started, though.

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I thought the plot was great because it wasn't extremely predictable. Throughout the book, I always found myself wondering what would happen next and was usually wrong. All in all, this novel was great. The vocabulary was pretty easy but there were some Yiddish words I didn't know. I love Rosen's style of writing because it is descriptive and had many details, making me feel as if I were actually in the book.