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José María San Martín

Querida, no seas tan blanda. Darling, don't be so unbelievably wet. Snap to it, don't be so meticulous. No seas tan despreciativo con la pobrecita. Don't be so disparaging of the poor thing. Come on, don't be so melodramatic. Now wait No seas tan quisquillosa, Robin. Now don't be touchy about it, Robin. Heinrich, no seas tan moralista. Heinrich, don't be such a moralist. Maybe you're not such a bad chief after all. Don't be such a baby, Yuri. I'm sorry. Don't be so tediously heroic, my dear fellow. Don't tell the boss. He likes to talk of love.

Early Themes: Spain and the American Difference

He's found a new love. Yes, darling.

El Che - definition of El Che by The Free Dictionary

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