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Harmful algal blooms in benthic systems: recent progresses and future research.

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Cytotoxic effects of environmental toxins on human glial cells. Neurotoxicity Research , IF Chinain M Coordinating the implementation of the interagency Global Ciguatera Strategy. Microalgae from French Polynesian lagoons: novel source of bioactive compounds? Taxonomic diversity of the dinoflagellate genus Ostreopsis in French Polynesia: preliminary results from Marquesas Islands Pacific Ocean.

Continued feeding with Gambierdiscus polynesiensis causes increasing accumulation of ciguatoxin over 16 weeks in an herbivorous reef fish.

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Gatti C , Chinain M. Harmful Algae , IF Phycologia , 56 2 : JA, Litaker RW. Fluorescent Receptor Binding Assay for detecting ciguatoxins in fish. IF: 3. First evidence of the bioaccumulation of ciguatoxins in giant clams Tridacna maxima exposed to Gambierdiscus spp. Harmful Algae , IF: 2. Update on ciguatera research in French Polynesia. Ability of giant clams to bioaccumulate ciguatoxins from Gambierdiscus cells. Harmful Algae News, 55, Experimental evidence of ciguatoxin bioaccumulation in an herbivorous coral reef fish after long-term exposure to Gambierdiscus polynesiensis.

Bilan First report of a mass-poisoning outbreak following the consumption of Tectus niloticus Gastropod in French Polynesia: a novel pathway of Ciguatera Fish Poisoning? Chinain M. Linking nuclear science and seafood safety: Reliability of the receptor binding assay for PSP and ciguatera toxins. Harmful Algal Blooms. A Scientific Summary for Policy Makers. Darius HT, Chinain M. Gatti C, Chinain M. There are other factors such as stress and fatigue. But not only, the are more common in people who suffer from a disease that makes them immunocompromised or who have too much consumption of non-inflammatory Nsaids.

In Short, the may appear for various reasons, in the event of frequent repeat, it is important to ask for the opinion of a health professional. The concept? The growth of moustache on faces in November draws attention and conversations. This is an opportunity to raise awareness of men's health and raise donations for research.

A friendly and elegant way to do a good action. Indeed, the media rarely evokes male diseases and men tend to consult a specialist only once evil is done. A movement that is aimed at all, because women can, if they wish, get involved in this male cause by contacting their friends on social networks, raising donations or participating in the organization of a movember event At their workplace or at University.

A large number of nutritionists answer no! They advocate balance in nutrition, as much as in all spheres of life and strongly believe that the pleasure of eating "junk" is important.

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They call them "pleasure food". Healthy Foods do good to the body and fun foods do good to mind. You can't deny it, food is often a source of comfort and pleasure. The problem happens when you turn too often to pleasure food to manage your emotions. We must not fall into the prohibition: refusing a child and even adults Candy On Halloween when everyone consume it will make the forbidden attractive and encourage the child to develop bad eating behavior.

Health goes through a daily and long-term balance. An exceptionally less balanced day does not have an important impact as such. Halloween is not only a party where there are candy, there are also costume preparation and family sharing rituals. The party must be an event in itself, and not just a candy picking. Not to go to war with candy, set limits to children. So, it's all about common sense. No need to ban candy consumption, but manage it rather smart as part of a balanced diet!

Causes can be heat, but also friction, electrical aggression or a chemical. Types of burns: 1St Degree: the skin is red, dry and painful, without preggy. This is, for example, the superficial sunrise. Healing in less than a week.

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What to do? Don't use ice or ice water. Apply a specific cream recommended by your pharmacist. And Cover if needed with a Sterile Dressing Gauze that does not stick to the skin. Watch out! Don't try to remove clothes that stick to the burnt area 2nd degree: the skin is swollen, red and covered with a clear liquid. Depending on the depth of the reached skin layer, it is known as a second degree superficial or deep.

Healing In 2 TO 3 weeks.

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In Case of burns in the 2th degree it is possible to do first aid at home but it is necessary to consult a doctor later. If the burn surface is bigger than the palm of the hand, consult a specialized service immediately. Prevention Actions: - put a suitable sunscreen to avoid the sun - never leave the children alone near a source of heat Oven, cooking plate, fireplace, iron If necessary: Call 15 from a fixed phone or from a mobile phone. Reins Conseils Do you really know the role of kidneys in the body? Kidneys help to eliminate organic waste.

Blood comes from the kidney, arrives in the kidney, passes through the glomeruli cluster of blood vessels whose walls allow to filter and comes out through the kidney veins. During his stay in the kidneys, the blood is filtered and clean. Organic Residues water, excess salt They also produce hormones and vitamins, necessary for the proper functioning of the body such as the regulation of blood pressure for example.

If the kidneys work wrong, the consequences can be important: High blood pressure, anaemia, cardiovascular disease, drug overdose, or even anaemia.


Alors, comment faire son choix? Enfin, la puissance : Un micro qui capte les sons environnants est-il suffisant? A few years ago, hearing aids were required for the most serious hearing problems. Today, they are now adapted to all the hard hearing. The different types of hearing AIDS: - Ear Contour: stands behind the pavilion, slightly seeing but easy to manipulate.

Que faire contre les algues dans un aquarium

However, it is less easy to manipulate and has less autonomy. This is the most discreet model. Removal of ambient noise, unidirectional listening, anti-Larsen System, waterproofing, So, how to make your choice? First of all, the price: All devices allow to hear sounds but some offer complementary services Anti-Larsen, etc The entrance of the range is between and euros. The average range is between and euros. High-end can reach up to euros. Then, discretion. Finally, the power: Is a microphone that captures the surrounding sounds enough? Or would you like, a device that adapts according to your situation?

These criteria will allow you to choose hearing aids as close to your needs. But do not hesitate to ask for advice from health professionals who stay tuned to guide you in this choice. It broadcast very quickly in the environment. Every year, this toxic gas is responsible for a hundred deaths in France. What are the actions to adopt? Before Winter: - have your facilities checked by a qualified professional boiler, water heater and bath heater, fireplaces, inserts, stoves etc. During the winter: - air your accommodation - never plug the air intake. To fight this skin cancer, it is important to spot early signs to allow fast care and therefore to avoid spread in the body.

When in doubt, it is essential to consult a general doctor or a dermatologist who will be able to better estimate the cancer risks of a "Grain of beauty". The five criteria to determine the risks of beauty grains are asymmetry, irregular edges, non-uniform color, increasing diameter and evolution in terms of color, shape, edge or size. During a consultation, the specialist inspect the grain of beauty, also called nevus, with a dermoscope kind of glass.

If this is necessary, he will proceed to his extraction. However, an extraction does not necessarily mean that it is cancer.