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Displaced: Life in the Katrina Diaspora - Lynn Weber, Lori A. Peek - كتب Google

With less than two hours to go before her graduation from Howard University, Talitha Halley, 22, stood in front of her dorm-room closet, staring down at the tangle of shoes on the floor, wondering which pair to wear—the red heels or, perhaps, the snakeskin print. She turned to Angelica Cooper, her best friend since middle school, for help.

That, she says, is why her little sister not only survived Hurricane Katrina, but went on to graduate from a prestigious university with a 3. How does someone raised in a low-income community with few resources before the disaster, and even fewer after, get beyond the trauma to succeed in school and life?

And, can the experiences of a Talitha Halley and others like her provide lessons on how to help next time? On Sunday, Aug. It was the second of two houses the family had moved into that summer—a better house in a better neighborhood. Hurricane Katrina displaced ,plus children when it hit the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana and Mississippi in the summer of Adolescents are particularly vulnerable during a disaster, according to some experts, and some of the children who were in this age group in are now reaching a key milestone: college graduation. The team found lower educational achievement, loss of access to health care, and an increase in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems.

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A later study , by Abramson and colleagues at the National Center for Disaster Preparedness in , concluded that children exposed to the Katrina disaster were five times more likely than a comparable group of children not exposed to Katrina to show signs of serious emotional disturbance. Social scientists hope that studying how young people like Halley and her peers managed to not only survive Katrina, but, a decade later continue to do well, will give them valuable insights into the recovery process for adolescents as well as into the long-term effects of disasters on children.

The researchers have never spoken with Halley, but they see stories like hers as an opportunity to help fill the research gap. But her daughter has put off pursuing a law degree for the time being. Still, the decision on what to do with the boxes could wait a couple of days — a far cry from their frantic move in As her career unfolded, she collaborated with poets and research scientists to create additional stunning, socially aware images.

A raw fusion of heavy metal and jazz, the genre is captured here in the words of more than musicians, producers, videographers, club owners, roadies and others who were part of the movement, along with dozens of period photos. A physician specializing in pediatric rehabilitation, Borkow pursues an avocation as the village historian of Dobbs Ferry, N. In —10, he was project director for a series of YouTube video interviews with eminent historians sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Here, she strives to help early-music performers advance their technical and expressive abilities. Who knew that, in its infancy, basketball was a largely Jewish game?

Displaced (Katrina Bookshelf)

Stark, past librarian and archivist at the Basketball Hall of Fame, follows the team from its opening shot in through disbandment in , tracing its vibrant history in photos, stats, interviews and memorabilia. Skip to content Brandeis Home Contact Us.

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