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Zone operations include:. He later knocks her down.

Jason is cast as a big-time black-market operator in uranium. I some time later. Then the if acting thing snowballed, I 1 got bigger parts. By this time " I thought immodestly, in fact. Go to New York, enrol yourself in a good acting school, and learn something about acting. It was four years until they came and got me. But they did. Hanley of "Combat. Jason is rather "flash" in his dress. Tom and I were deep in talk about "The Cardinal" when fiery-haired Warwick Freeman, assistant director of the movie, "came and got. It was quite amazing. It was just a small scene. The script called for him to leave his seat at the nightclub table, move across to the bar and order a drink, speak to a girl at the bar, then move out of camera range.

Tom was the only one there who didn't look as if he were acting. He looked real. He was definitely showing the result of that four years' study at the New York. He never got tired, doing the scene over and over again as American director Eddie David rehearsed and rehearsed, till I thought I'd. It was quite a job.

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The strippers had to be at a certain stage of undress, the music had to be synchronised, the nightclub had to be smoke-filled to the right depth, the light had to be right before the cameras. I left about 3 p. The Australian pictures were in the bag, and they were about. Eddie Davis had called for reinforcements of cigar- ettes, wanted heavier smoke clouds.

There was more. Some people on the set were getting frayed at the edges, but not Tom. Nothing seemed to fray him.

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The next time I saw him, a few days later, the other American star, Rick Jason,. There was a bit of Holly- wood about the atmosphere at Ajax that day, a certain tenseness in the air, a hint of temperament. There was only the one star-type dressing room, striped curtains, couch, big mirrors, and a fan as well as a radiator. Jason was in possession. Tom arrived, and he had to sit in a canvas chair with the mob on the edge of the set while somewhere was found for him.

He under- stood and he didn't care.

Jason would have per- formed properly about such a situation. As it was he was inclined to think the dressing room wasn't grand enough,. Jason was suave, smooth, with a new wife on his arm, and completely unrecognis- able as the TV serial '"Com- bat" character Lieut. I wished he'd worn his Combat helmet and stubble instead of the bright, shocking-pink shirt with the collar so wide it was up under his ears, though the points came well down on.

The other thing that sur- prised me was that he was so like Don Lane, all 6ft. He's got something about him, the same kind of slickness, although he is 44 and gives Don a good ten. Jason, too, is a competent actor, and did a professional job.

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He said with some choler that he had never thought of himself as a Mike Todd, but no one could ever say he'd been poor. I explained that "a poor little rich boy" was merely an ironic description of someone who had been raised without the character building properties of having insufficient money, but he still went on. Jason was born into a rich family, and early in the piece his dad set him up with a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, but Jason wouldn't play. He learned it, he said, so he went on to spend it.

He has always had money in some quantity and "for me, money is something to spend. He has simple taste - simply likes the best of every- thing. He has married four. Jason reckons following his first three, Aria, Uta, and Shirley, his present wife, Patricia Connolly, whom he married in a Shinto ceremony in Japan shortly before he came to Australia, is the one he'll stay with. Jason told me they had the Shinto ceremony because, although it was his fourth marriage, he wanted it to have meaning and ceremony,.

What a honeymoon job! The contract stated that even.

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Everything was geared to get Jason through his part in that day, and Jason co- operated. He played scenes over and over, he knocked down his beautiful wife, who was wear- ing a striking dress-a black and-white mini over long, skinny, black pants. If it were necessary, you took the pants off in the Ladies' and you were acceptable, dressed in a mini-skirt. It was eye-opening to see the Americans at work.

They left our boys for dead with their ease and their compe- tence. Color Me Safe can help parents talk with their children about safety at home and on the go! Teachers can integrate the story and messages into Pre-K and early grade school curricula and share copies with parents and children at health and safety events. Download a free copy of Color Me Safe today! Also available for download in Spanish. Section Navigation. Color Me Safe — English Cdc-pdf [4. Start your free trial.

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