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Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here

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But many Iraqi writers, scattered into exile by continuing sectarian violence, have not returned. The collection opens with a piece about Mohammed Hayawi, a bookseller killed in the blast, by Anthony Shadid, an American journalist who died in Syria last year. Shadid was an early champion of the project, helping to organise the donation of the broadsides to the National Library and Archive of Iraq. Lutfiya al-Dulaima, an Iraqi fiction writer now living in Jordan, wrote affectingly about the significance of the street to all writers.

Ms al-Dulaima recently reported on the project for a Baghdad newspaper, but she says it is still little-known in Iraq. He maintains that it is nothing more, nor less, than an expression of solidarity from writers and artists in Belgium, America, Germany, Korea, Britain, Australia and many other countries—all citizens of the republic of letters. The project, like al-Mutanabbi Street itself, will carry on with programmes of readings, talks and conferences testifying to the endurance of the book.

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Baghdad's Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: A Reading of Prose and Poetry | Bookshop Santa Cruz

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