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Even on the recent leg into Newport, which was scored a win, the Spanish team trailed for nearly all of the leg, making a miraculous comeback from fifth to first in the final 24 hours. The team will need to regain its early form if it is to make one more comeback and win.

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Putting the foot to the floor With a race that spans more than 45, nautical miles, there are many opportunities for snatching victory or having victory snatched from you and it comes down to consistency. Consistency when the wind is up and the boats are hitting blazing speeds, and consistency when the last puff fades within spitting distance of the finish line and steely nerves come into play. Those teams that are able to play at peak performance no matter what hand they are dealt are the ones that come out on top and there was no better example of this than the incredible performance turned in by the Dutch entry Team Brunel.

Skipper Bouwe Bekking and his crew should be congratulated for another leg win after a brutal sail across the North Atlantic from Newport, Rhode Island to Cardiff in Wales. Mid-leg Team Brunel was locked in a piggyback battle with fellow Dutch entry AkzoNobel as each sought to set a new hour distance record. One team would set a new record only to have it answered by the other with a more impressive performance, and they swapped being the fastest boat numerous times until Bekking and company finally conceded the record to AkzoNobel who covered a mighty Conceding is not something Bouwwe likes to do, but his view is of the big picture.

A record is nice for sure, but a leg win would be even better. Both Dutch teams approached the British coast locked in a head-to-head battle with a couple hundred meters separating them. The wind died to under ten knots; it was a time for light fingers on helm and experience in the afterguard.

A light touch on the helm, experience in the strategy department and a crack crew all wearing their Dubarry Crosshaven boots engineered and crafted to give them the edge no matter the conditions. Having won their class the previous year to come back and do so again is an outstanding achievement by the crew of Storm sailing the J perfectly.

Marina di Scarlino Welcomes the Melges 32 World League Scarlino, Italy:LMarina di Scarlino has officially opened its doors and rolled out the red carpet to the Melges 32 World League, greeting a fleet of fifteen highly-competitive teams. Starting Friday, June 1 and concluding on Sunday, June 3, racing will take place for the European Division's second appointment on the circuit.

The all-amatuer Corinthian Division will pick-up where it left off in Forio d'Ischia. It is the very heart of international offshore yacht racing in the south of Brittany, a part of France from Brest down to Vannes that focuses strategically and with strong political support on watersports. A dream location for anyone involved in sailing and yacht racing - the logical and perfect venue for the Yacht Racing Forum October.

Lorient is a natural shelter for sailors, while the rest of the area is a magical place of sandy beaches and jagged reefs, fortified port towns and standing stones. It is warmer than the wild north coast, but the traditions, independent spirit and seafood are just as good.

Go to the bakery in Lorient and your chances of bumping into a host of offshore legends are high. Full article in the June issue of Seahorse: www. To celebrate this, the IRC European Championship will be the most challenging yet, with a week-long format, mixing both inshore and offshore racing, including a long offshore of hours duration and a race around the Isle of Wight.

The team is made up of skilled sailors with racing backgrounds as well as novices and amateurs with experience in offshore racing, Olympic classes, match racing, and also expedition sailing to Antarctica and Cape Horn. To help ensure this works, the club has lifted almost all of the rating and entry restrictions.

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Gerberge's origin has not yet been corroborated in the other primary sources so far consulted. The Vita appears to indicate that she was Gerberge , daughter of Lambert Comte de Chalon, but this raises several problems if it is correct. Firstly, on the death without direct heirs in of her supposed brother Hugues Comte de Chalon, the county was inherited by the comparatively obscure children of his younger sister Mathilde, apparently ignoring the superior claims of Gerberge's own numerous descendants, among whom were the powerful counts palatine of Burgundy who would presumably not have missed the opportunity of acquiring another county.

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Rodulfus Glaber does record that " Hugo filius Lanberti Cabilonensis comitis … episcopus Autissioderi " was an opponent of " Willemus, Henrici ducis priuignus, Adalberti Longobardorum ducis filius " [] , which could explain why Bishop Hugues favoured his nephew by his younger sister to succeed to his county. Nevertheless, after the bishop's death, his past opposition to Comte Otto-Guillaume may have provided an excuse for his son to intervene in the Chalon succession if he had a legitimate claim.

Secondly, considering the likely birth date of her son, Gerberge's first marriage must have taken place while her husband and father-in-law were still reigning kings of Italy. They were under continuous pressure from Otto I King of Germany and it is likely that Adalberto's marriage could have brought additional political support. It is not clear how the relatively obscure count of Chalon could have provided this support. Thirdly, after the death in of Lambert Comte de Chalon, and his widow's second marriage to Geoffroy I Comte d'Anjou, no record has been found of Henri Duke of Burgundy intervening to prevent Comte Geoffroy taking control of the county of Chalon, which would have been the likely course of action if his wife was the deceased count's oldest child.

Fourthly, Gerberge's estimated birth date creates serious chronological problems if she was the daughter of Lambert's only known wife Adelais. In conclusion, considerable doubt appears to subsist concerning this origin of Gerberge, although no alternative can so far be proposed if we are to respect the wording of the Vita. She married secondly Henri Duke of Burgundy [Capet]. The necrology of Auxerre cathedral records the death 11 Dec of " Gerberga comitissa uxor Henrici ducis " [].

Rodulfus Glaber names " Willemus, Henrici ducis priuignus, Adalberti Longobardorum ducis filius " and records that, as a boy, he was secretly stolen from the land of the Lombards and restored to his mother with no small cunning by a certain monk []. It is assumed from this that he was imprisoned as a child by Emperor Otto I in Italy after his father and paternal grandfather were deposed as kings of Italy. Jackman suggests [] that the mother of Hunfried canon at Strasbourg was the daughter of Adalberto associate King of Italy.

He bases this on onomastic reasons, in particular the importation of the Ivrean name Berengar into the family of Liutold and the use of "Willa" among the ancestors of Adalbert King of Italy. However, another origin is suggested by the necrology of Zwiefalten which records the death " XIV Kal Dec " of " Unruoch proavus Liutoldi comitis " []. If this great grandfather were the father of Willibirg, it may also explain how the name Berenger entered the family, assuming Unruoch was related to the Unruochingi Counts of Friulia.

The Gesta Mediolanensium names in order " Widone, Adelberto et Conone " as sons of King Berengario although Adalberto was presumably the oldest son as his father installed him as associated king , specifying that " Widone " was killed soon after his father's capture []. Marchese d'Ivrea He conquered Spoleto and Camerino in The necrology of Merseburg records the death "25 Jun" of " Vuido filius Berengaris regis " []. The Gesta Mediolanensium names in order " Widone, Adelberto et Conone " as sons of King Berengario, specifying that " Conone " made peace with the emperor [].

Marchese of Milan []. Nun, living Ancestors of the Conti di Treviso e Collalto. Berengarii Regis, et Anselmus seu Oddo germani lege viventes Salica ", for the soul of " quondam Gulielmi qui fuit filius et filiaster atque germanus noster ", by charter dated Aug []. Regino records that two of the daughters unnamed of ex-King Berengario were brought up in the imperial palace by the empress after being brought to Germany [].

One of these two daughters was presumably Rozala, bearing in mind that the emperor arranged her marriage. The Annales Elnonenses Minores record the marriage [undated between and ] of " Arnulfus iunior " and " filiam Beregeri regis Susannam " []. Her marriage was presumably arranged by Emperor Otto to increase his influence in Flanders at a time when Lothaire IV King of the West Franks was asserting his own control over the county.

Kerrebrouck, presumably basing his supposition on this passage from the Vita Sancti Bertulfi , says that she adopted the name Suzanne on her second marriage [] , but the sources quoted above show that she was referred to by this name earlier. Hugues "Capet" King of France arranged her second marriage to his son and heir, apparently as a reward for Flemish help when he seized power in []. She was given Montreuil-sur-Mer by the county of Flanders as her dowry on her second marriage.

Richer records that King Robert repudiated his wife " Susannam…genere Italicam eo quod anus esset " but refused to allow her to retake her castle at Montreuil, whereupon she constructed another nearby []. She returned to Flanders after she was repudiated by her second husband, and became one of the principal advisers of her son Count Baldwin IV. France retained Montreuil-sur-Mer. The Annales Elnonenses Minores records the death in of " Susanna regina " []. Abbess of San Sisto at Piacenza Giovanni Domnarum di Pavia, at the request of " Adelardum…marchionem ", by charter dated 23 Jun [].

Comes in Acqui. His name suggests a family relationship with the Marchesi di Monferrato. Maybe of Frankish origin.

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The name of Guglielmo's wife is not known. Berengarii Regis, et Anselmus seu Oddo germani lege viventes Salica " by charter dated Aug []. GUIDO -before Conte di Pombia before []. Conte di Pombia and Canavese. The name of Amedeo's wife is not known. Conte di Canavese. Priest in Pavia. Conte di Pombia before Conte di Biandrate Conte di Pombia e Biandrate. OTTO -before 11 Jan The charter cited below suggests that the following brothers were closely related to Guido, the donor, who would have been their first cousin if the reconstruction shown here is correct.

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If this is right, the donations may have been made shortly after the death of their father. Ottonis comitis de Blandrata […ex natione mea lege vivere Salica] et uxor Gisulphi…del Bulgaro… " donated property by charter dated []. Adelgisi ", with " notitia propinquorum Tarentum suorum, id est Adalberti marchionis germani sui et Alberti infantis nepotis sui ", by charter dated 6 Jun []. Her second marriage is confirmed by the charter dated under which " Henricus marchio filius quondam Wilielmi similiter marchioni et Adalena comitissa jugales filia quondam bo.

Oldrici…Maginfredi…marchioni " donated property to San Antonino []. Rivaz, in his compiled index of Burgundian charters. Her third marriage is confirmed by the Annalista Saxo which names " Adelheidis que soror erat comitis qui agnominatus est de Monte Bardonis in Italia et Immule seu Irmingardis " as wife of " Ottonis marchionis de Italia " [].

She was regent for her son in after the death of her husband, playing a significant role in support of Heinrich IV King of Germany, her son-in-law, in his disputes with the Papacy. Marchese di Susa [], in right of his wife. Comte de Chablais.

Introduction (Sardinian)

The Annalista Saxo refers to " Adelheidis que soror erat comitis qui agnominatus est de Monte Bardonis in Italia et Immule seu Irmingardis " but it is possible that " soror " was an error for " filia " []. No other reference has been found to this person. Conte di Mombardone.

age-music.com.ua/sites/default/files/map17.php The primary source which confirms her second marriage has not yet been identified. Heiress of Vasto and Busco. Marchese di Susa in [], by right of his wife, her territories extending between the Alps and the River Po including Auriate, Turino, Ivrea and Aosta and to the Mediterranean between Ventimiglia and Albenga, and including control of the Alpine passes of Mont-Cenis and Saint-Bernard []. The importance of the family's role in contemporary European politics is demonstrated by the marriage of Comte Oddon's daughter to the future king of Germany.

The Annalista Saxo names " Adelheidis que soror erat comitis qui agnominatus est de Monte Bardonis in Italia et Immule seu Irmingardis " as wife of " Ottonis marchionis de Italia " []. She was regent for her son in after the death of her husband, playing a significant role in support of Heinrich IV King of Germany, her son-in-law, in his disputes with the papacy. Her birth date is estimated from the marriage date of her parents, her mother's estimated birth date, and the fact that Agnes herself gave birth to three children before her husband died in She became a nun after her husband died.

She was still alive in []. He was a powerful lord in Swabia who supported Rudolf von Rheinfelden as anti-king of Germany. On her death in , he lost much of her territories, retaining only the valley of Susa []. He expelled the Saracens from the Susa valley and captured Turin, where he established his residence.

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There is no indication who this may have been.